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A Numbers Game

More shares, more power… and we can help you exercise it in the right way. 

The more shares you have, the more power you have in a company but for the uninitiated this a complex issue and requires expert guidance to ensure you know what your rights are.

It may seem obvious but, generally speaking, the more shares an individual holds, the greater the rights they have as a shareholder and the greater the power they have within the company.

The Companies Act affords greater rights and powers to an individual as the size of their shareholding increases. Also, with a larger shareholding, it is more likely that the owner in question may have a controlling interest in the company.

For example, if you own 5% of a company you have the right to require the company to convene a general meeting of shareholders and the right to require the company to circulate to shareholders, a statement relating to a matter to be considered at the meeting.

Another illustration is that once your stake in the company reaches 10%, you have greater rights including the right to force a formal audit of the annual accounts.

No matter what shareholding you hold, our experts can advise you on your associated rights and how to exercise them.