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Shareholder Rights Cookie Policy

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that may be stored on your computer or device when you visit a website, and can be accessed by the website that placed it.

Some cookies (“persistent” cookies) expire on a specified date and may be used to recognise you when you return to the website. Others (“session” cookies) are automatically deleted when you close your browser.

Some cookies are necessary for websites to operate correctly, and others perform useful functions such as remembering your preferences, keeping you logged into accounts and providing information to website owners about how you use their site. Cookies can also be used to track your browsing behaviour in order to personalise advertisements and other content displayed to you online.

How do we use cookies?

We use cookies to remember your preferences and to monitor how people use our website, to help us improve our site’s performance as well as the content we provide. We use third party plugins on our site (such as embedded videos) which may also set cookies that track your browsing behaviour for advertising purposes.

We have categorised the cookies used on our website as follows:

  • Necessary cookies. These are essential in order for you to use our website and any features you request (including remembering any cookie preferences that you set).

  • Analytics cookies. These allow us to monitor how people use and navigate our website, to help us improve the way our site works and provide the best user experience we can. These cookies use anonymous identifiers to track your journey through our site, but do not contain any personal information to identify you.

  • Functionality cookies. These allow us to remember any optional choices that you make on our site, or to provide other features that aren’t essential for the site to work.

  • Targeting cookies. These cookies use unique identifiers that can track people’s browsing habits and can be used to personalise your experience online, such as by displaying adverts relevant to your interests. Third party services may use targeting cookies to track you across multiple sites and build a profile of your browsing behaviour for advertising purposes.

Cookies placed directly by our website ( are called “first party” cookies and these are listed and explained below.

Cookies placed by other websites are called “third party” cookies and these are used by third party plugins or features used on our site, such as embedded videos and maps. These are summarised below, but we don’t always have control over the cookies set by these features.

What cookies do we use?

We use the following first party cookies on our website:

Cookie Name








We use these cookies to remember the preferences that you set using our cookie banner.






We use these cookies to monitor how people use and navigate our website, using Google Analytics.


The following websites may also place third party cookies when you visit our website:

Domain (website)





YouTube uses cookies where we have embedded YouTube videos on our website.







Google uses cookies to remember your preferences and to track your browsing behaviour over different sites for advertising purposes.






Targeting relates to Google’s advertising services, and may use cookies to track your browsing behaviour over different sites.



Changing your cookie preferences

When you first visit our website, you will see a cookie banner that allows you to choose which types of cookies you agree to us using. Your preferences are remembered using a cookie that we place on your device.

We do not need your consent to use necessary cookies and our cookie banner does not provide an option to prevent these being used. You may be able to disable these cookies in your browser settings but, if you do, parts our website may not work properly.

Other categories of cookies will only be used where you have indicated your consent by using the checkboxes on our cookie banner.

You can change your preferences at any time by clicking the link below to re-open the cookie banner.

Change cookie preferences

In addition to selecting your preferences on our website, you can also configure cookie settings in your web browser. You can find out more about how to do this at the links below:

Further information about cookies

There’s a lot of good information about cookies available online. For more information about cookies generally visit

If you have any questions about your privacy or the use of cookies on our website, please contact us at