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Quasi-partnership Disputes

We’re experts in dealing with issues and disputes related to quasi-partnerships.

The structure of your company can affect how a court will address shareholder disputes, particularly for smaller companies. This can benefit minority shareholders so having an understanding of quasi-partnerships can help you when in a dispute.

Many small companies are regarded by the law as 'quasi-partnerships' by UK law. This means they operate, in effect, as small partnerships of a limited number of individuals .

The key distinction here is that although quasi-partnerships operate as limited companies, in practical terms they are run as if they were a partnership between those individuals at the helm.

These businesses were often originally run as partnerships and later incorporated as limited companies or Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP). Another example would be a typical family run business.

You should know that the courts are, generally speaking, more willing to give certain additional rights and protections to minority shareholders in companies that qualify as quasi partnerships.

One thing to note here is that a minority shareholder in a 'quasi-partnership', who has been involved in the running of the business, can often claim protection from being ousted or excluded, without any good reason, from the ongoing management of the business.

We can help you deal with issues related to quasi-partnerships and make informed decisions when it matters most, so you can resolve disputes as quickly and effectively as possible.