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The Market for Shares

We provide the insight and knowledge on how you can realise the value of your shares. 

The forces of supply and demand often determine how easy it will be to sell your shares, so it is key that you have a thorough understanding of the market to sell at the right time and right price.

Unlike public limited companies (Plcs), i.e. those companies listed on the stock exchange, shareholdings in private limited companies are not readily available to the public and it is important to understand how you can sell these shares.

Just as the average person on the street cannot readily buy shares in a private limited company, any shareholder in a private limited company cannot readily sell those shares at will.

This can lead to situations where shareholders are 'locked in' to a company (often against their will) and, although their shareholding may be very valuable on paper, they are unable to realise that value (by selling the shares, for example).

Even if a buyer can be found, shareholders often then face a number of further hurdles before any sale to that buyer can proceed or be completed.

Our team has experience dealing with shares in private limited companies, and can advise you on the best strategy to take when you are looking to sell, so you can achieve your commercial objectives.