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When taking action as a shareholder, we can help you enforce your rights. 

The responsibility for enforcing breaches of company law or shareholder rights falls on you and your fellow shareholders, so you need to be aware of the options available.

There are various government agencies that may take enforcement action against company directors, depending on the nature of the wrongdoing.

The Insolvency Service, for example, operates an Investigations and Enforcement team that is often willing to take such action. Similarly, the Serious Fraud Office enforces bribery and corruption claims. And the police can take steps to enforce criminal conduct such as theft from the company.

However, as the law stands in England and Wales, the primary responsibility for enforcing breaches of company law or breaches of the rights of a shareholders rests with you and other shareholders.

As a shareholder, you have the right to take out civil proceedings to enforce your rights and, in certain circumstances, you even have the right to pursue private prosecutions.

Knowing what steps are most appropriate, and making the tactical decision of which ones to deploy (and when to deploy them), is not always easy, especially in complex situations. Yet making the right decisions is key when pursuing any shareholder dispute.

Our team is here for you when it matters most, and has the experience you need to advise on the best possible route to take when you are considering enforcement action.