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Shareholder Dispute or Company Dispute?

It is a well-recognised principle of company law that a company's money should not be spent on disputes ... Read more.

Why should I update my Articles of Association?

A couple of recent incidents brought to mind the old saying about insurance policies: 'insurance doesn’t' ... Read more.

Restrictive Covenants in Shareholder Agreements

In Guest Services Worldwide Ltd –v- Shelmerdine a consultant was also a shareholder.

Transferring Shares – Not as Simple as You Might Think

Some years ago, I acted for a Mr Waine of the parties in the case of Pennington –v- Waine.

Residents and Management Companies

An illustration of how these cases can get out of hand is the 2018 case of Odutola-v- Hart and Others [2018].

Excessive Remuneration Packages

A consistent challenge has been how to satisfy a court that controlling shareholders are overpaying themselves.

Knowledge is Power

A common theme in shareholder disputes concerns the ability to access relevant company records.

Fair Share?

One question that features regularly in enquiries is "how much will my shares be worth?"

Valuation Dates

The date at which a shareholding is valued can impact the valuation enormously.