Any % Shareholding - List of Rights

Shareholder Rights

The right to ask the court to call a General Meeting

Any Restrictions

Statutory Position (CA 06)

CA 2006, s 306

The right not to be unfairly prejudiced

CA 2006, s 994

The right to have the company wound up provided that it is just and equitable to do so

The right to vote

CA 2006, s 284

The right to receive notice of general meetings

CA 2006, s 310

The right to a dividend if one is declared

Directors have power (but are not obliged to) declare a dividend. Members cannot vote to pay themselves more than the directors have recommended.

Model Articles, Article 30

The right to a share certificate

This right Depends on the Articles of the company. See the section of this site entitled "selling your shareholding".

CA 2006, s 769

A members right to have his name entered on the Register of Members

CA 2006, s 113

The right to a copy of the Annual Accounts

CA 2006, s 431

The right to an AGM


The right to inspect Minutes of General Meetings

CA 2006, ss 248, 355 & 358

The right to vote

The right to inspect the register of members and index of members' names without charge

CA 2006, s 116(1)(a)

The right to require a copy of the register of shareholders within 10 days of the request subject to a charge

CA 2006, s 116(2)

The right to inspect the register of directors service contracts without charge

CA 2006, s 229(1)

Registers to be maintained at a Company's Registered Office

Register of Directors and Secretaries

CA 2006, s 162 & 275 to record the information required by CA 2006, ss 163 & 277

Register of Members

CA 2006, s 113

Register of Directors' Interests in Shares

CA 2006, s 808

Register of Charges, together with copies of all instruments Containing registration with the Registrar under CA 1985, s295

CA 2006, ss 875-876

Minute Books

CA 2006, s 248